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Crane services:

14-ton Boom Truck

23-ton Boom Truck

30-ton Boom Truck


We have a contractor’s license and are insured with commercial general liability insurance! All crane operators are fully licensed and insured.

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Get efficient crane services for all purposes!

A-1 Crane San Diego is your go-to crane service providers for commercial and residential uses like trucking, forklifting, landscaping and more!


Cranes have a wide range of uses like offloading trucks, boats and trailers (coal, heavy piping, shipping containers, and other heavy materials), placing air conditioning units, changing landscapes, placing spas on balconies, and more.


Cranes can be used for moving roofing materials, placing furniture on patios and balconies, and more. We can even move pianos, safes, generators, compressors and propane tanks.


Get reliable crane services for lifting:

• Heavy-potted plants and trees

• Loads for trucks

• Washer and dryer units

• Refrigerators

• Batteries for cell towers

• Light poles

• Radio towers

• Shipping containers

• Support beams

• Street lights and flag poles

NCCCO certified, licensed, and insured crane operators



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